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I just dont see Nintendo doing it. They dont like using other people's creations that often. 2 examples:

Donkey Kong characters that aren't DK and Diddy. Rarely get used. K.Rool and the Kremlings got booted from the Retro games and Dixie, Cranky, K.Rool rarely ever appear in Mario spin-off titles. I think its because Nintendo doesn't want to use Rare's creations often as they feel they wouldn't do them justice.

2nd Krystal in Star Fox. Krystal another Rare created character that Nintendo kinda likes to forget existed. Not having her in Zero or Starlink.

Shit I could even make the argument for Waluigi and why he hasnt made any appearences in mainline Mario or Wario Land games. Simply due to the fact he was made by Camelot and not Nintendo themselves.

So I doubt Nintendo would continue the Mother series without Itoi and by lesser extent Iwata. Its sad but probably true.


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