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Yeah but those were decades ago.

But it still happened! So what you say doesn't have merit. Nintendo had games with those characters in them. They continue to have games with those characters in them.

Why does Dixie need to be in all the Mario sports games? Funky Kong was in Mario Kart Wii. Dixie was in both Mario Baseball games. And like I said there was Donkey Kong King of Swing, DK Jungle Climber, Donkey Konga, and DK Barrel Blast. Those happened. Just because it happened a long time ago doesn't mean it didn't happen and they don't count.

You're "Nintendo is too stubborn to use characters they didn't create internally" hold no water. If that were true, none of those examples would exist. Tropical Freeze wouldn't have Dixie, Funky, Cranky as playable Kongs. Hell, even Diddy Kong wouldn't have appeared in anything after the Rare buyout.


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