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She’s sexist and ignorant, plain and simple. I know we have a problem with misogyny, but the opposite exists too as we see here. RMC was focusing too much on the visual portion of her quote, which is basically someone that didn’t play games in the nineties, whether by choice or she wasn’t born yet.

Aeris’ death means a lot because like any good game design, it can be interpreted in more than one way. Replaying FF7 recently on Switch reminded me why I liked Aeris in the first place and it’s because she’s a good person and a powerful character in-game.

Spoilers ahead.

In the early game, she pushes Cloud to do different things and takes the reigns on their early relationship. She’s also the new girl, an outsider, in the group, though fits right in. She takes care of Barrett’s daughter with no hesitation, and plans the rescue of Tifa at the Honeybee Inn. She’s sort of unexpectedly sassy in her text too, which spices her up.

Later in the game, she becomes a plot device on top of her character being an Ancient, one that can feel and heal the Planet, so she becomes a target for Sephiroth who wants to injure the planet with Meteor. She also dies very soon after a potential date with her, where Aeris, Cloud and the player sorta are in one mind of where they are in the relationship.

So I don’t get the one-dimension argument unless you’re not paying attention to the text, and subtext, of the scenes. That happens to people naturally too - I watch dubbed anime because scenes, especially funny ones, don’t sync right in my head when you’re simultaneously reading a subtitle and watching the scene lay out. Perhaps the FF7 remake will fix that, with it using modern production quality.

In game, she’s the best magic user, so she’s the best at using most of the materia, so losing her sort of janks up the party formation and if you invested in her, you sort of lose out of that time investment. If hate to feel I wasted time on a character too if everything I did for her would be for naught.

Plus her death is unexpected if you didn’t know it ahead of time, which is a blow too. Any unexpected death emits a emotional response - shock, sadness, etc; and effective storytelling makes the figurative feel literal.


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