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Tue Jul 23 19 02:55am
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The key is empathy. Empathy allows us to put ourselves in other people's shoes by simulating their expected feelings in our own brain so we can experience them ourselves and thus understand them better.
People with low levels of empathy only feel for people who are close, while those with high levels of empathy can feel even for complete strangers - and by extension even fictional characters (after all: stories are explicitly designed to elicit feelings from us). And no - there is nothing wrong with people who possess high empathy. They really just do experience those stories far more intensely than those with lower levels.
And nothing of this is supposed to be judgmental or insulting. The levels of empathy are (apparently) defined by the neurological makeup of our brains (there's a brain area associated with it), which differ from person to person. Think of them as different stats on a character sheet. But someone with low levels of empathy has a hard time understanding someone with a high level (to them they're soppy and silly) and vice versa (others are cruel and uncaring).


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