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Woah friend, if someone's emotional perspective isn't in line with your own, you jump to *that* extreme? Maybe people are different from you? Maybe some people are more thinkers than feelers as Carl Jung asserts. Maybe Saria is a sociopath for all I know, but him/her not crying during movies doesn't make him/her any more a sociopath than those who don't understand why someone gets scared during movies (I know decent people who fall into that category).

To the main topic, I loved FF7 when it came out and did cry during this scene, but RMC do you really forget the zeitgeist of that era? Hate to break it to you guys, but the cinematics in FF7 *were* a selling point! As were the graphics in general (not so much the character models, but the pre-rendered backgrounds). The game itself would not have had the market penetration it did if not for the quality of the CGI and I would argue that, for most people, that scene would not have had as strong of an impact if were done merely with the normal blocky character models of the game. The graphic "realism" of the CGI is one of the major things that separates that FF death from the ones that have come before. *spoilers for earlier FF games* There's a reason more people talk about this death than say Tellah or General Leo, despite the fact that Aerith isn't as well-developed as either of those characters. Generally speaking, the more something looks like you, the easier it is to relate to. Kefka's a far more interesting villain than Sephiroth, and yet it's the advancements in graphical representation that made him the menacing posterboy he's become.

I know RMC now is probably upset by what I just said, considering he is one of the ones whom, it sounds like, maybe did have very strong reactions to those previous deaths in FF, but I'm not sure everyone is as sensitive as you are RMC. And I don't say that disparagingly. As I said above, some are more thinkers than feelers and vice versa (though no one is 100% either way). I did cry as a kid to FF7 and I've cried to many other video games, movies, books, songs, etc. since. That said, I was baffled by Mike Fahey still crying to merely watching the scene again on YouTube. But *maybe it just impacted him even more than it did me, even though I was impacted.* And that's what it seems a lot of this discussion online, in RMC's video, and in even in this comment thread boils down to: "I don't understand why and how others don't think/feel the way I do."

Not getting much from Thomas Was Alone doesn't make you a sociopath, just as feeling sad when a kid trips, scrapes his knee, and cries doesn't make you an emotionally stunted adult.

As a note RMC: she referenced Chocobos and such. I don't know if she's drawing merely from 20+ year old memories, but it seems apparent that she at least occasionally watched her brother play. That said, she obviously never got the full experience of the game from start to death. But that's not important, she got Mike Fahey to say his piece and the point of that episode seemed to be more to strike at the core of why is it that many people feel this sort of instinctual reaction to rescue the damsel even if the damsel is, by Mike Fahey's admittance, one-dimensional. He even admits that Aerith's character would have had to "work harder" if it was an innocent little brother instead (which is really all the springboard the show needed for their discussion). And maybe you didn't agree with Mike when he said that. I know I didn't. Aerith's death impacted me because she represented purity and innocence in a world of decay, and Sephiroth snuffed out that last light. I can't say for sure, but I think I would have felt the same if it was an Aerith-like little brother. So why does Mike still cry over a scene, yet admits it would have been different if Aerith were a boy, yet I *did* cry over that scene 20+ years ago and think I would have felt the same even if Aerith were a boy? Because people are different in how they see the world. But that doesn't make them ignorant or someone to treat as if they are from another planet.


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