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Tue Jul 23 19 03:37am
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Funnily enough, I'm exactly the same. I almost never laugh out loud. But laughing has a strong social function and so it could easily be connected with how we wish to appear to others. In my case it's probably because I've always been an outsider and I don't laugh for fear of laughing at the wrong moment which would expose me as one. I would probably laugh more if I ever found a group of people I felt truly comfortable in - although I've grown so used to to it now I probably wouldn't laugh even if I were truly at ease among others. Luckily, people who like me do understand, and interpret my smile just as they would a laugh.

(Just a minor word of warning: I haven't studied any of those things and am only remembering and assembling bits and pieces I heard and read and came up with myself. So feel free to take everything I say with a huge grain of salt).


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