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Tue Jul 23 19 12:06pm
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I tend to not get so emotional over games (unless it's salt, hah!), but a key to a well-made story is how to grip them emotionally to motivate them to continue playing (if it's a story-based game).

I've only had two games move me so much to continue playing:
1) Golden Sun: The Lost Age on GBA -- This game while not heartbreaking, at least had an enthralling story that I couldn't just put down because I wanted to see what would become of the world while I adventured. The game actually made me care for the parties of Golden Sun 1 and Lost Age and the fate of the world.

2) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky (for me Sky) - While it can be said the gameplay isn't anything special, this had one hell of a story that was gripping from start to finish to make me care for the main characters (Sky fleshed out more characters that Time/Darkness didn't get). And there were moments that were completely shocking that I actually was crying at one point.

The following contains spoilers to Explorer's story:



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