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Tue Jul 23 19 12:26pm
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Because he is an eccentric professional writer. He's not an actual game developer. Peronality types like that tend to exert a lot of passion and emotion wherever they go and in whatever they do. He has documented quite clearly in the past that each Mother game was a tremendous effort on his part and took a toll on his very being. The way he describes the journey to get even the first Mother done sounds like something out of a drama movie. Then came Mother 2 with its technical hurdles and other issues. But most of all, I think the rollercoaster ride that was EarthBound 64 being cancelled, to then finally arriving in the form that it did as Mother 3, ultimately took the wind out of him for good. Mother 3 in particular is by far the most depressing, disturbing and warped game he has ever been responsible for. He channels whatever he is going through at the time into his work, so I can't imagine what dark places he must have been in. So just even thinking about Mother 4 for him must be like poking a still-healing wound with a stick. It is too much for him.

Mother 4 would probably go past the limits of what can be reasonably dark and depressing if he was ever forced to. But the man has set a hard limit, and it must be respected. When a creator considers the finality of something, they usually mean it. So when he says he'd like to see someone else do Mother 4, that is lowkey him admitting 2 things: That he'd be out of the picture and protected from further pressure and anguish from toiling away at this kind of game and narrative, and that whoever else would be in charge would (Hopefully) not be as prone to being depressive and can inject a good positive energy into the project. That's just what I can gleam from based on my observations. People scratch their heads and wonder aloud why things can't just happen, but it is a lot more nuanced than that.


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