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Interesting. I do agree that I think more people have more empathy for animals compared to people.

Just a question for you. Do you, or have you in the past, had a pet? More specifically a cat or dog because I feel like you don’t get the same attachment to something like a fish or hamster or similar. It’s purely anecdotal but from my experience people who don’t have much empathy for animals haven’t usually had them as companions at any point in time.

I can explain what I think are my reasons for having way more empathy for animals compared to people. It basically boils down to animals being largely defenceless against everything life throws at them, both in nature and man-made challenges. One moment that hit me very hard was in the Our Planet documentary series and the scenes with walruses - just google “our planet walrus” if you want more on that.

Whereas with people, I find it hard to have empathy because of how so many assholes there seems to be in this world now. I don’t wish bad things on anyone but I also don’t have much empathy for most people outside of my family and friend circles. There’s news daily of X number of people killed or murdered or exiled or homeless etc etc and I don’t bat an eyelid. But one story about a dog being abused or something and I’ll have immediate feelings of empathy for the dog and anger towards those that hurt it.

Oopse that kinda went long Smile


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