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I wouldn't mind Chun Li. Those thighs are tattood in my brain since my early teens hehe. But she IS a big part of Nintendo's history.

I have said this before, but I would love to have Terra in the game. Her final Smash as an Esper would be superb. And just imagine the music tracks...And damn...What stage could it be? Narshe might be a bit cold.... Hummzz...

I still would not be surprised to see 2B with a late Nier:A port. Nothing surprises me anymore, really. And imagine all them silly Bayonetta vs B2 vs ZSS vs Peach images woud be like? OK... I'll leav that thought now hehe

I really can't imagine Lara Croft, though. She has had sooo little to do on Nintendo systems, but then again there's Cloud...

Oh, well... We'll see =)


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