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Are they ranking franchises or companies? If it's the latter, no doubt Disney's at the very top, with Lego and Hasbro not far behind, but I wonder which ones they are.

Besides those three, ones that very likely have more money coming in than that I can think of are Time Warner/Warner Bros., Illumination, Sanrio, Toei, Universal/DreamWorks/Viacom, Mattel, Activision, BBC, King Features Syndicate, King (as in the UK mobile developer), Scholastic, Rovio, and Tencent. And the non-Pokémon part of Nintendo. Possibly Microsoft if Minecraft is included within it. Not sure if 20th Century Fox is included or if it's categorized together with Disney though.

Except for Rovio, all of those are multi-franchise companies though. Pokémon Company, of course, deals with just one franchise, so it'd be impressive to be that far up with that narrow of a focus.


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