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Mon Aug 12 19 08:51pm
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I hope the WNBA being included in the NBA game will lead to their own game. I have no problem with them being combined, but they deserve their own game, their own cover athlete, etc. They should be just as big and recognized as the men. I get the thinking of trying to get more exposure for the WNBA, by way of the NBA, so hopefully that helps achieve that goal. To those complaining, they’d lose to every single one of these women in a game of 1 on 1. Besides, it’s more content in your game, what’s the downside to that? 🤨

Really, it’s sad that it’s taken this long for women to get representation in terms of a basketball game. A true watershed moment, I think, and it probably means a great deal to every girl or woman who picks up a basketball or has interest in the sport.

RMC, I would love to hear you on the DLC podcast. I’m going to tell them, as well. Smile


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