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Yeah, I agree. Far too much hate from certain hategroups have been messing with the gaming landscape for the past couple years now, and stuff like this just further proves why said hategroups are terrible. Of all the thing about NBA2K to get worked up about, this isn't one of them (I'd say the microtransactions aimed towards kids are the actual issue) and it's annoying to see the usual suspects on the internet blow their lids off over... A new game mode in a game notorious for being samey each year.

Keep up the good work RMC, I've stuck around for six years now and have seen zero desire to even let you down or leave since this site is great and your hard work is tremendous and admirable. That and your Nintendoforce stuff too. I know that whenever people post stuff like this toxic people will pounce on it and probably downvote it to death... But you're still doing the right thing by being courteous, which is more than I can say for other bearded adult men who make youtube videos that are on the opposite end of the spectrum and are livid about this.


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