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I truly admire your passion and dedication, RMC. You're like an over grown Teddy bear Smile

But to be realistic, this is the internet. Many a people can "hide" behind a name and talk shit on the net. It's odd how some people feel comfortable with it also. Trust me when I say that 99% of these people would never EVER dare to say something like any of this in "real life". So they are basically mostly a bunch of cowards. I know it's not easy for everyone, but just ignore the trolls already. Don't get offended, don't give them the attention they are after and just ignore them. When you ignore trolls, they give up real soon. Again, I know that ain't easy for everyone, but it should be taught by now IMO.

There is also a thing called dark humour! I am a master at it, but I know that it's a time and a place to unleash that beast.I would have been banned from here for one of my calmer jokes. The thing is, people don't know your story and a bad joke can rip up a scar. With my closest friends I joke so bad people can be like "OK, dude! Now taht was just sick!" ;) But they get the joke, and I know.

I never get offended (I can give an example, but that would be PM material), and would love to teach that talent someday.

I am not a fan of baseball, so I'll admit I haven't heard much about WNBA, but I must say I am surprised they weren't already in there. FIFA games (no, not a football/soccer fan either) added female teams, not?

OK. I'm gonna stop my big "rant" here and just say I am very happy they put the girls in too. They are for sure just as dedicated as the boys and deserve to be there.

Keep up the great work Raw Meat Teddy Bear. =)


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