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I still stand by my previous comments that the design being changed won't save anything. The movie is fundamentally flawed from a conceptual standpoint at it's core from the way it's being handled as is typical of old Hollywood farts who are disconnected from the average person (Or in this case, the average video game/Sonic fan). Sure, you're getting your authentic Sonic design back again, but you're still stuck with the bargain bin DVD production surrounding him too. There is no redesigning that. It is Pixels tier.

The reason why video game movies always suck is because video game creators are not the leading directors. Joe Schmoe over there doesn't give a fuck about the lore or the intricacies of the gameplay of your IP and how that can play out narratively sensibly, he just sees a popular pop culture commodity that he wants to mutate to please the unwitting masses. Or at least, that's how they choose to believe it'll work.


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