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If Retro Studios is as willing to listen to Western feedback as Next Level Games were on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, to then come out with Luigi's Mansion 3 as a response, then sure, this bodes well. Tanabe is merely a mediary, and for most of his career his job has been to work with outside Western developers like them. When he somehow takes the reigns unimpeded... You get things like Metroid Prime: Federation Force. About the only thing I will anticipate and appreciate from him is the definitive inclusion of Sylux after over more than a decade's worth of blueballing.

Some people love to give him way too much credit, for whatever reason. Call it naivety. It's almost as if Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash didn't happen either. Those blunders are on his hands. So please don't be under the assumption that one man is all it takes to right the ship. As far as I can tell, his recent track record shows it takes only one man to sink the ship.

But the Wii is way past behind us, so Metroid Prime 4 shouldn't be as flaccid as Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was, even if what remains of the old guard traces back to that previous game specifically. There is no need to gimp the game for a "casual" audience anymore; the Switch has everyone roped in now. It's up to them to figure out how to best utilize the system's capabilities while also delivering on that first-person action adventure gameplay that people just love to champion oh-so-much (Mostly just the original Metroid Prime though). No funny business like Lego suit mechs. But, no pressure either. I just hope they figure out how to manage the time they spend tweeting about BBQ grills and actually making a video game.


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