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I don't think your comment should have gotten reported, but your tone was extremely obnoxious. The bigger a game is, the more likely it is that internal systems aren't going to play right with each other. Look at every major open-world game and the bugs reported on afterwards. No matter how big your QA team is, it's not going to be able to match the load of the entire internet banging away it at it. As the other dude said, give them a break.

For the record, your point would have been more salient if you had argued that this really shouldn't be happening on a game that was already released on two different systems already, instead of framing it as every big budget game needs to be flawless. Even a certain Nintendo game had a game-breaking bug and it wasn't even open-world (Skyward Sword). Chill out. If you're feeling some trepidation, don't pre-order the game and see what the community says. Easy as that.


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