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I honestly don't trust user reviews in general. Some are well-written, thoughtful, and even sometimes insightful, but so many times you read user reviews that either start by saying "I've only played it for an hour so far, but I can already tell IT'S MY FAVORITE GAME EVER!" or they say "They chenged the menu font from the laast two games! WHY?!?!?!?! Thats how you know this studio dont care about fans!!! 0/10! Dont buy! If you but this game, youve no respect for urself!!"

Like, not just MC, but Steam as well is just rife with these.... masterpieces of written criticism. I get people thinking review websites are unreliable, but user reviews really aren't any better. Ever. Just find a YouTuber or a review site that you feel values the same things you do in games and stick with them is what I say.


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