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I wish this thread was more active, but I guess all the cool kids are over on Discord these days.

I've uploaded three levels, but I'm only going to submit one here. In the first Super Mario Maker, I admit I relied too much on trolling or other cheap ways for players to die. My first uploaded level was "Pesky Piranha Plants" and is currently rated "normal" difficulty, with 123 plays and 35 clears in the first SMM. So I decided to revisit that theme in "Pesky Piranha Plants: The Sequel" and I tried to avoid any kind of trolling and just make a pure platforming level. I know I'll never make a level that feels like it belongs in a mainline SMB game, so I don't even try to aim for that unrealistic goal when I make a level, but I thought this one turned out alright. But I never promote my levels anywhere and they get so few plays because of it, but I feel this level is more deserving of being played than the previous two I made.

So I tried to make it not too challenging because I wanted it to get "normal" difficulty like the first level did in the first game. Unfortunately of the 12 people that played it so far, only 2 actually cleared it. I expected higher than that, because prior to uploading it I revamped the sub-area to make it wider and add a third platform on the right side. With only two platforms even I was struggling to get past that area, but with the third added platform I cleared that part without taking damage when I had to upload it, so I worried I made it too easy. That's pretty much the only challenging part of the level and I assume it's where people are dying and giving up, but I did put a checkpoint after it so you don't have to replay that part if you die.

Anyway, here's the ID and I would appreciate any feedback and tips that I can incorporate into my next level: 395-LB7-T1G

I'll make another post or just edit this one when I've gotten to try the two levels in the OP.


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