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The ridiculous payment for Nintendo Switch Online kicked into action on 19th September last year, with the annual fee up for renewal, now would be the time to add SNES games. We've heard the rumours and seen the patents for a new wireless SNES controller. 🎮 The Switch is two and a half years old, it's a bit of a joke that it's taken so long to implement and it's worse as you don't own the games. The NSO bundle with NES games is just the basic bundle. Expect to pay more to play SNES games, and more again if they add another VC system next year and so on and so on.

I think Nintendo will only show 1 new game today, if at all even. They have their lineup sorted for the rest of the year, they don't need distractions. And when I say new, I wouldn't bet against another Wii U port, or HD version of an older game. My money is on Super Mario Sunshine ☀ getting a remake soon. Though they may not show it today. The 2 Gamecube Zelda’s got HD versions, so it would make sense for their main mascot to get one too. Then there was this Tweet only a couple of weeks ago. Nintendo have dropped subtle hints before about upcoming games. Or maybe it's just Super Mario Sunshine themed DLC upcoming in Odyssey.



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