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While yes I am incredibly grateful with K.Rool and all the DKC music he FINALLY added to Smash after 5 games of just Jungle Hijinx remixes. He did K.Rool really well and the best the character has been potrayed since Rare was with Nintendo. I am very appreciative to Sakurai for that. His reveal made a grown man cry tears of joy.

Banjo I was never a fan of. Didn't grow up with Banjo only knew him from Diddy Kong Racing. I played Banjo for like 10 minutes as a kid and didnt care for it. Happy for Banjo fans and he is definitely the best of the DLC characters BY FAR but I still have no personal connection to him.

Yes I know its greedy to constantly ask Sakurai for more and yes I do think its great of Sakurai to continue developing DLC even though Im sure he wants a break eventually. But as someone who wants more 1st party characters besides just K.Rool. It is very disappointing that 3rd parties seem to continue getting the royal treatment from Nintendo while 1st party characters like Dixie Kong, Impa, Pig Ganon, ARMS character, Rex/Pyra, Porky Minch, Sylux, Paper Mario, Captain Toad/Toadette, Bandana Dee, and countless others continue to wait for their shot to join what was originally a Nintendo crossover fighter. But it seems Nintendo/Sakurai has forgot that and is just aiming to make "Videogame Characters: The Fighter"

But like I said happy that people are happy with whatever is thrown at them but if theirs something I dont care for Im gonna speak up about it.


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