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I know it's a pretty unpopular opinion on this website, but I'll voice it anyway.

I'm actually pretty happy to see Smash evolving past its initial concept of a Nintendo only fighter, into something more akin to a celebration of video games as a whole. Granted if you just play on Nintendo's systems, I can see how some of the DLC characters seem underwhelming. That said I would still prefer to see Smash continue down this path and add new third party DLC characters to the roster. I feel smash, as it currently stands, Is a great representation of Nintendo and their franchises and I feel the current roaster of Nintendo characters is pretty much perfect. Personally, I disagree with a lot of your suggested character choices, as none of them really pack the same kind of punch as Banjo or Joker did. But, for the sake of argument let's Ignore the DLCs. Does a Toadette character announcement hold the same weight as Ridley's announcement? Does a character from ARMS hold the same weight as an Inkling? I personally don't think so and feel a lot of those characters you listed, would just pad out the roster vs. actually expand on it.

Like I said, I'm happy Smash is branching outside of "Nintendo Only" not only has it created some amazing new characters, but it's actively getting people out of that console wars mindset. I like that there is now a game that celebrates the culture of video games, and I like that it's not just any game, it's Smash.


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