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Another thing is that some of these fighters are actually GOOD fighters. Yeah, Cloud was an odd choice and all. We all know what happened when FF "left" Nintendo for Sony (even though FF7 technically started out as a N64 game), but damn is Cloud good to fight with. And the Midgard stage with it's music kicks arse! Personally I have little to no connections with Persona or SMT, and I haven't really gotten used to Joker (yet) but the stage is, again, arse kicking. And the list goes on. Oh and...Snake does have stong roots with Ninty, and so does Sonic in a sense. And Mega Man!!!!! He was like a Nintendo mascot back in the day. All good fighters.

Personally I jumped for joy when Bayonetta was added. She has also become kind of a Nintendo mascot of late (as we all know). Could have been Wonder Red (or blue or pink) or even Jack (MadWorld), but few know of those I guess.

Anyway, point is that these fighters have gotten great treatment. Much time and effort and even passion has gone into getting them into the game.

And for all we know we will get more 1st party characters in the future with the new DLC pack. Just wait it out already.


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