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Wed Sep 11 19 08:55pm
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Does a Toadette character announcement hold the same weight as Ridley's announcement? Does a character from ARMS hold the same weight as an Inkling? I personally don't think so and feel a lot of those characters you listed, would just pad out the roster vs. actually expand on it.

By that logic, what about Ice Climbers, or Game & Watch, or Pit, or Wii Fit Trainer, or Duck Hunt Dog? One of the nice things about Smash is that it justifies digging deep into Nintendo's past and bringing it into the modern day... including a lot of characters people didn't know or care for but now love... and that's assuming these characters aren't as popular or in demand as you think. You're abandoning Nintendo's present, you're abandoning Nintendo's past, and if the weak support that comes from featuring hotshot PlayStation characters and the potential for Smash to garner interest in the revival of dormant Nintendo IPs (like Kid Icarus) you're probably abandoning Nintendo's future as well. And calling those characters padding?! Really? Not only does that imply that these characters have nothing unique to offer while implying that only popular characters can be unique (which is definitely a false belief), but also completely overlooks the obvious amount of padding characters already in the game (which I personally am not thrilled by, but that's beside the point; they're in there).

Edit: Sorry if I'm coming across as ranting angrily, but I hate how people now treat Smash like gaming's game and so we should just abandon Nintendo's IPs for a bunch of PlayStation characters because "Nintendo's not cool enough"...


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