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I played all the way through Color Splash, and while it was certainly prettier, bigger, funnier, and more charming than Sticker Star, it still suffered from the main problems of Sticker Star which is: combat wasn't fun, finding the cards to battle with wasn't fun, battles were essentially pointless. You could level up your hammer's paint capacity, but you rarely ever were in short supply. A, getting paint from the real world was a chore. Which is basically the best way to describe the game. Playing it was a chore, but the world was so lively and the writing so charming you wanted to experience that (in my case) enough to slog through the gameplay. Which definitely does make it better than Sticker Star which had virtually no charm. I'd say calling it Sticker Star 2 isn't completely off-base considering the fundamental flaws are the same in both games, however.


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