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Feel bad for AlphaDream they didnt deserve this but I blame Nintendo for clinging onto the 3DS for wayy longer than they should have. All the games released on 3DS after the Switch launched sold like crap. They should've released not only the M&L remakes but Warioware Gold, Mario Party Top 100, Luigi's Mansion remake, and Metroid Samus Returns on Switch as well. Not only would've helped fill in the 1st party droughts we had to endure at the beginning of 2018 and the beginning of this year but all of those games would've performed 3x better on Switch.

I like how people on this site kept arguing with me too "But the install base on 3DS is huge!" Yet I kept telling people it didnt matter because that install base all moved on and now look what happened..Nintendo basically killed one of their key partners..


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