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From what I've seen, Pokémon themed on manmade objects tend to draw the most dislike, at least from the western fans. In addition to these, you got the Trubbish line, the Klink line, and the Litwick line. (For some reason, the Magnemite line, Voltorb line, and Honedge line get a free pass.) There seems to be this notion that Pokémon should be themed strictly on natural objects. This is not reflected in the Japanese fanbase, where Chandelure, of all things, was voted to be in the Pokkén Tournament roster.

By the way, since James Turner was the designer for the Vanillite line, he has spoken of the design process for that one. It was actually one of the last Generation V Pokémon to be created. Since Unova would use only Pokémon from that generation until the postgame, they found the Cold Storage area to be lacking in Pokémon. Turner was brought to the project to do the spinning camera in places like Skyarrow Bridge, but since he had a background as an illustrator, they asked him to design a three-stage line for an Ice-type Pokémon that looks like it might belong in a refrigerated warehouse. He submitted in a few ideas, and Vanillite was the one chosen, which he expanded upon to make Vanillish and Vanilluxe. (These became favorites in Japan too. I have a Vanillite plush as redesigned by Kanako Eo, another Pokémon designer.)


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