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Less of censorship, more or less them taking the western version as the master version and running with it. Some other remasters do this too either because the western version added more stuff or fixed bugs (IE: The modern ports of FFVII/VIII that are also out in Japan have the international content)

Considering how nasty people got over minor clothing edits during the wii U release I wasn’t really a fan of the discord surrounding the game, (especially since it was noted that Atlus made/approved the changes) but I still had a tremendous time playing what I could.

The only thing I think is sucky about this is that a DLC sidequest about a hotspring was cut. Visual edits/aging a character up are one thing (and very understandable for the most part) but it seems a but much to let finished DLC content go to waste. Still there’s no 1000% confirmation about this either way and this just seems like speculation meant to anger the people who brought us the infamous “Vagina Bones” meme. I’d wait for them to show off the full game/exclusive switch content before I judge


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