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I mean, yeah, I'm glad we can agree to disagree. I've made some stories in the past I've had to tone down for the sake of sharing with my family and such, and there's some stuff I made that I didn't like at first so I revised it to be easier to understand.

I find that in general Switch games tend to be pretty lenient with the developers/staff knowing what they want that can work/won't work worldwide and even if a game's Japan only for a while and comes to the US later, there really isn't much that gets changed. I've imported a ton of games and usually it's due to it either coming out earlier in Japan or in the case of the Konami collections, because the Japanese versions had versions that were more balanced/fun to play. (Castlevania in particular, though the US versions got the JPN versions later and vice versa for my imported CV collection)

There really isn't a case of any major regional edits being made to a switch game because of major backlash, unless it's warranted or best to do to be on the safe side, as I know Spike Chunsoft had to tweak a few things for their titles, but it was usually very few and it was mostly done to avoid the risk of an AO rating. TMS might be the exception out of pretty much every Switch RPG so far, which is kinda jarring even if these edits are minor since we're so used to games not having them anymore.

Still, I feel this recent situation is mostly akin to the aforementioned FFVII/VIII international edits Japan gets with their remakes, and a recent example was how they toned down a summon's skirt in FF8 Remastered even in the Japanese version due to CERO reasons. It wasn't even an edit made to our PSOne version, just a new one they did for worldwide consistency, yet people still got so, so mad about it despite how minor it was and how easy it is to miss (unlike

That's why I feel the TMS edits in Japan aren't because of Atlus US/NOA enforcing it, but because the original staff liked the edits made enough to make them canonical and because it's easier to have those edits be consistent across all versions. I don't think the staff accepting those edits is a bad thing at all if they truly like them, (the reason I made that comparison in my first post is during that Wii U pre-launch period for the original, some seriously did think the staff signed NDAs blocking them from criticizing the edits) but I do hope the new, Switch exclusive content helps to offset some of the edited stuff from the Wii U original since we don't even know what that entails yet outside of a new song.


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