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Fri Oct 18 19 08:39am
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I love Dragon Quest games because they tend to have a humanity and warmth thats is very difficult to find anywhere else. The only thing I can think Square Enix could do to vastly improve the sales in the Western world is to put something in the water to convince western gamers that games without exploding meteors, dozens of zippers, and dialogue drench in melodrama have value.

It’s a niche product. I’m happy to accept that and since Dragon Warrior 7 on PS1, have accepted that my tastes are not in sync with the western gaming world at large.

Dragon Quest games have a maturity that isn’t marketable in the West because, in my opinion, its more grounded in reality. The games aren’t operas like Final Fantasy. Dragon Quest games always have a slight hint of bittersweet to their stories; love lost, characters with weaknesses exposed by sinister foes. For my personal taste, I prefer that maturity over the much more mainstream dark bleak output of other series.

It doesn’t appeal to the majority of western gamers. That’s fine; there are oodles of games to sell to that crowd (and I do enjoy them from time to time).


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