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Fri Oct 18 19 09:17am
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The common problems for Dragon Quest in the US can always be traced to two things:
1) The shutdown of Enix's US branch during the 1990's that let Squaresoft take control of the US RPG market with Final Fantasy IV - VII.

The US became Final Fantasy turf ever since so Square-Enix now prefers to use Dragon Quest in Japan to fund international releases of Final Fantasy games dooming DQ to be a Japanese franchise outside titles Nintendo of America rescues.

2) Poor release timing for a lot of the games. The early games were late after established RPG franchises got started with Squaresoft's Final Fantasy on the NES and of course Nintendo's NES Zelda games. And as Soulcaster just posted, XI S is an enhanced port and released during a crowded time on the gaming market.


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