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Not trying to start an argument or a debate or anything, but...

First of all with Joker in Smash this argument really doesn't work.

So making one mistake justifies another? Adding Joker didn't make any sense... neither would adding a Tekken character...

Plus Tekken was on a Nintendo system as recently as Wii U

It's still the only entry in the entire series to come to Nintendo platforms... meanwhile the series has continued elsewhere...

But also this has nothing to do with Tekken characters. Bandai Namco makes Smash and also makes Tekken, a fighting game. People must be assuming that because of this Harada must be involved with Smash when he isn't, and are in turn spamming him with requests. Neither of the tweets seem to indicate Tekken characters in particular

Well duh... but that doesn't mean I can't voice my disinterest in yet another Playstation character in Smash or point out how little sense it makes to add them...


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