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Baffles me that people call this a TF rip off, even when they know the pedigree of Playtonic. They literally made the games that Retro iterated on. Not to put down the Retro games (TF is probably my favourite of the entire series) but those games are completely built on the foundation that many of the Playtonic team members made years ago.

Level wise they’re ripping off themselves if anything (forest and factory levels that I see many people pointing at as TF rip offs were already in the original DKC trilogy), the controls are lifted out of DKC, the music sounds like TF because it’s the same composer and other composers emulating Wise. There are definitely inspirations from the Retro games like how collectibles are hidden, and of course it does have a very similar art style to them but they do plenty of things to make it their own. “Dollar store Tropical Freeze” it is not. Must be so frustrating for Playtonic to be accused of ripping off a game that is literally based on games they made themselves.


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