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Honestly, though I was going to buy the game anyway and I've been trying to steer clear of leaks, this has built my hype up for the game.

The new Pokemon they've showed off aren't very interesting and while I like to discover new Pokemon as I play, some of these are too cool to hold back on. I really thought we'd get a Pokemon Direct shortly before launch and while they usually only announce them a few days ahead of time, with a Smash one coming up tomorrow, it seems unlikely.

People are PO'd about this game--Pokemon Company should recognize that and change whatever their plans were/are for releasing info to help drum up hype.

That said, I don't like leakers whether they got the info from a stolen copy or not because it ruins the feed of information and sometimes can spoil huge parts of the game that fans are waiting to discover themselves. I hope this person gets punished for theft and for leaking the info but I don't want their life to be ruined or anything.

Have we ever heard specific punishments for leakers before?


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