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I mean it's a valuable IP having a new game, either the game or just by name alone I suppose one does it's specific charge. Nintendo has done that with the Wii U ports despite being old games because their brands are valuable to them.

It's the exact same reason Star Fox and F-Zero don't get new games, because they're hard to sell at a retail price. (well F-Zero is mainly because they also haven't found someone who could make it).

All in all, it seems Capcom is trying to bring old IPs do to the success of RE and DMC, so they will evaluate accordingly what works.

In my case I didn't buy Megaman 11 not because of price, but because we have a collections of several games and this new one, didn't look like as much of a step forward in comparison. Also I do wonder if that'll be the same case with a likely Megaman X9.


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