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Fri Nov 08 19 02:15pm
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No guarantee the character will be ambiguous in the final game, where there will be more than a drawing to go on in terms of character identity. So it's not at all clear that this is such representation.

And the notion of a character who visually is ambiguous is nothing new in anime.

And as a guy with no legs and only 1.5 arms who has yet to find a video game or anime character who looks similar to him, and yet still enjoys video games and has a healthy view of himself, I just don't get the importance people place in 'representation' in games and media today. I'm not saying representation is bad. It's just that, trust me folks, if you hardly ever see anyone in a game or movie or TV show who reminds you of yourself in the way that makes you different from the vast majority of people, you can still be ok. Indeed, not seeking validation and/or one's worth in popular media depictions might very well a good thing.


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