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psi wind
Sun Nov 10 19 09:29am
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Because people keep acting like armchair developers. Actual developers have stated how difficult and time consuming something like this would actually take at this point with how many Pokemon there are, because even IF the base models are still future proof, porting to a new engine is not as easy as people keep thinking it is as there's much more involved than just a drag and drop. Heck, they've said the 3 months in making a new Pokemon from start to finish is actually very impressive.

I'm not a fan of it either, but I've also thought of what the positives are like having the competitive scene and online battling have a bit more diversity with no Megas to boot, or making it easier to do a new 100% in-game playthrough (not counting the version exclusives, and even then you can just get a friend to trade them over) since there's less Pokemon and Home exists. Considering people are trying to make crunch time less common, I find it interesting that Pokemon is the only series that people are clamoring for crunch time to be the norm


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