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Sun Nov 10 19 11:00am
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I don’t think people are advocating for crunch time in Pokemon Games. If anything people are acknowledging that the annualization of Pokemon games isn’t doing them any favours. That is a huge reason why GameFreak may be feeling burnt out, low morale, etc.

Since 2007 there have only been 2 years where a mainline game didn’t release (using the initial Japanese release dates).

Annualization caused a drop in game quality for Assassins Creed so they took a few years off and came back with a much much better game.

Fans would have definitely accepted if Pokemon Sword and Shield got delayed to 2020. But likely the (Nintendo) business dictated they release this year in time for Christmas.

And btw - assets like character models are typically platform agnostic. They don’t need “porting”. The game engine might but assets like models do not. They’re consumed by the engine - once the engine is ported the same assets should work. They do actually just “drag and drop” over. It’d be like saying you’d need to “port” a JPEG from Windows to Linux.

I’m still planning on getting the game. Not sure which version yet. All I’m saying is there are reasonable steps that could be taken to create the best game possible for both GameFreak and fans.

Do I think Sword and Shield will be good? Yes I do.

Do I think they’ll be the best Pokemon games? No based on what I’ve seen so far.

Am I disappointed that the first new entry in the series on a home console is lacking compared to its handheld predecessors? Sure. I was hoping the move to console would reinvigorate the series but it seems to have caused a setback.


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