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No shit. When armchair developers claim that GF is lazy for doing a monumental development task that other game developers have noted would be taxing even for them, and when GF also noted that this was their only way to get the games to have more content than they used to since they kept cutting out content they wanted to put in due to retaining all the mons, this is an inevitable decision.

It's just going to be a rotation like with any other game, except this time there are no alien mons to the region. Considering USUM had a bit over 400 mons, the only difference between these games and those is that the mons that aren't in the local dex just don't exist here, while in USUM they did but had barely any purpose due to not having a dex entry or really being VGC legal unless it was a special one.

TBH, I've noticed Nintendosoup in particular and NinEverything have kinda jumped on the train of "get all the old interviews we can and translate them at the right time to stir up outrage", since I noticed that NS loves to try and get people mad by reporting these things. It's blatant that this article is from a while ago (I know they already noted this fact a few months ago) yet they just now translated it for the sake of the launch week rage clicks


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