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Game Informer interviewed them and they explicitly mentioned they've had ideas for gameplay/plot features for the past few gens they wanted to implement, but couldn't due to most of the time focusing on including all the mons. SM nearly cut them out.

Some figure that certain noteworthy annoyances from prior games such as:

-Power Plant in XY being locked
-Emma's story in XY being barebones
-The postgame city in XY being tiny
-Almost no post-game events or really much to do to max out the trainer card in XY

-ORAS cutting the Safari Zone, Battle Frontier, Pokeblock Minigame, Game Corner, (not even replacing this one like in LGPE, they didn't even bother) Battle Tower, Trainer Hill, and old Mirage Island, with the only noteworthy addition being some Secret Base features. This is easily the worst of the Pokemon games by far and it shows that this one had a time crunch, depressingly

-SM's weird golf course being on the map and not visitable
-No Hall of Fame
-No proper EXP grinding spots

These were ALL speculated to be caused by lost time due to focusing on mons. Thus, from what it sounds like stuff they want to add in SWS and other games for the most part will be consistent with what they wanted to include to begin with. For all we know, stuff like the super customizable trainer cards, a potential big area to explore, sidequests and other misc stuff might have not been there without cutting the dex. Some may not like that tradeoff and don't mind these games having less replay value, but honestly I feel that something akin to a Pokemon Battle Revolution game with all the mons for JUST battling would be what could shut that part of the fanbase up. Heck, some hope HOME will offer that capability and that's why they'd let you transfer non-Galar mons to it. You can already trade with anyone with the app, so why not battle them too?


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