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Here's my problem with the official explanation: The Pokemon Company generated $3 billion in sales last year. I realize that's not all profit, and that Game Freak is not owned directly by TPC. My point is that if TPC (and Nintendo) wanted to invest some of that money into a bigger development team, to allow for a full national PokeDex, it could. It chose not to. It's wagering that a very vocal fan base will still buy the game, in addition to millions of parents who don't know anything about the Dex.

Any business problem can be solved with sufficient funds. Game Freak can only work with whatever budget TPC and Nintendo set for it. I don't blame Game Freak, but I do blame TPC and Nintendo for being tight-fisted with this. They could do it right, and tell fans "Okay, we hear you, and we'll add the rest of the missing Pokemon at a later date." But Nintendo and TPC are choosing to make a business decision, and not a fan-friendly decision.

TL;DR Nintendo, TPC, and Game Freak don't owe us anything. and if you don't like the decision, don't buy the game. (Or better yet: buy a used copy.)


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