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Man these comments sections just keep getting worse.

When I hear this statement, it actually makes me feel pretty confident about the games. GameFreak is sticking with the formula because they're confident in the results it gave for Sword and Shield, and for the things they want to do with the series in the future. Anyone who thinks that GameFreak and the Pokemon company didn't put a LOT of thought into how this was received is kidding themselves. You really think if it was as easy as the armchair devs online say it is that GameFreak would have gotten rid of the Pokemon and risked dividing the fanbase this much?

Clearly game development is a LOT more complicated than people realized, and there are clearly a lot of discussions about how to move forward with the future of the series. I'm really tired of the armchair developers screaming about it when all they think about is models and animations, if you've ever played Pokemon you realize that there's so much more that goes into designing a single Pokemon than just models and animations. Also the whole "but the models were futureproofed" thing is so incredibly overblown, there's a lot more work that has to be done even with models that are future proofed, that's only one step of the process.

Not just that but actual competent developers with impressive backlogs have come out and pointed out that this clearly isn't laziness and people terribly oversimplify the process.

The current model of supporting every Pokemon is unsustainable, and it still blows my mind that so many people fail to look to the future and also look back at why the past few entries of the series have been more controversial with fans.

But hey whatever, call me a shill or whatever you angry people do. Clearly my positive opinion doesn't matter.


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