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Even assuming they were perfect and never needed to be remade, porting all of them into every single game going forward and making animations for them or even just porting all the old animations, alongside all the other work including new Pokemon, new regions, nee characters, balancing, finding trainers and places to utilize the old and new Pokemon, is a massive almost unreasonable amount of work and to blow up and act like the company is outright robbing you as many in this fandom has or taking it to the level of wanting to fire the CEO of the company or wishing he'd die is one of if the most childish things I've seen any fandom ever do.

The worst part is that ALL of this is stimming solely from the fact that the first proper console Pokemon game isn't the most massive over-the-top BOTW Pokemon experience that everyone got their hopes up for despite NEVER BEING PROMISED TO THEM. But I digress, Pokemon is a huge franchise, and they make a ton of money, so it's perfectly reasonable to spend every single dime they have on one game, because that's clearly how running a bussiness works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Note a lot of this is directed more at the fandom as whole, and how I've percieved this situation being someone who hasn't played Pokemon since Emerald. A lot of it isn't directed at you.)


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