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While I do agree with you on how TPC is no doubt pushing a yearly marketing cycle, I don't think throwing more people on the teams will magically fix stuff: SWS has 1000 people including PR folks, and that's double Sun and Moon. They put quite a bit into the games as is, but they aren't millions and millions to make either. They stick to a simple budget because the simple art style is what they like doing and have been used to for years now. But even if they added 4000 people to the games it doesn't mean the national dex will return:

The task is agonizing and if Gen 9 makes it a main focus again, we'll just get XY 2 in that the main game and postgame has barely anything to do, instead focusing on the battle engine and VGC balancing. I'd honestly take a more memorable region and game than just one that has all the mons in it by this point.

It's pretty freaky when you think about how 10 years ago, we had 493 Pokemon in HGSS, and now we have about double that... I think if the Pokemon count ranges from 350-500 in each local dex we'll be able to get more meaningful content again or at least a game people will want to replay instead of having it be the yearly game to ignore the next.


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