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Sun Nov 10 19 08:55pm
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I really do hope they are given more time from here on out. These comments from Masuda and Ohmori and such almost feel like a cry for help because the people they have to answer to have put them in an unwinnable situation. Pokémon Sword & Shield are coming across as incomplete. (And I'm guessing the reason for not counting on more Pokémon being added in is because they're already being pushed to the brink to make the one to come out in 2020.)

For the record, I'm guessing the people who are pressuring them to put out a new game every year, for the generations to be a certain length, etc. are actually Takara-Tomy and the studio that makes the anime (I think it's Shogakukan, but I could be wrong). Takara-Tomy, in particular, represents the merchandise, which makes up about two-thirds of the profits from the Pokémon franchise, and they'd be the ones who get to decide when new Pokémon should be available. Nintendo doesn't really come across as the sort of company to force them under such strict deadlines; if anything, they'd be fully advocating for Game Freak to delay Pokémon Sword & Shield to make them the games they want. I mean, Smash Bros. games get delayed, and those are the games Nintendo would REALLY like to come out sooner.

By the way, Sonic also suffered greatly when moving to HD, considering their debut game in HD was Sonic 2006. It's really a second polygon ceiling after going from 2-D to 3-D.


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