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There is a Native American fable in which Coyote, cold and hungry in the winter, asks his friend Kingfisher if he has any food. Kingfisher climbs a tree, dives into a pond through a hole in the ice, and, a few moments later, emerges back up with a fish, which he gives to Coyote. As Coyote is eating, he sees Kingfisher climb the tree again, dive down again, and acquire another fish, this one for himself. Coyote, wanting to try it too, climbs the tree and dives down, but he misses the hole and hits his head on the ice. Coyote is in pain but otherwise okay, and in the meantime, Kingfisher has gotten two more fish, one of which he shares with Coyote.

The lesson in this story is to not underestimate the difficulty of someone else's work, because it will always look easier from the outside.


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