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PMD on 3DS actually sold pretty decently. GTI did OK for launching alongside Dark Moon, and Super was a pretty OK million seller as 3DS game. The problem with Super's sales is that you had stingy people mad that they took 2015 off for the main series, and refused to buy the game because it wasn't Pokemon Z like they expected would be the case. That and PAL people got really screwed over as the game launched literal weeks before Sun and Moon were revealed, and before the Gen 1 VC ports. Most of my PAL loving PMD friends were pissed beyond belief and got spoiled on the story during that wait which led to some not buying the game or not enjoying it as much as going in blind.

Though at the very least, I wish it did way more than that as it's easily my all time favorite video game. The story, gameplay and strategy elements really go a long way to make a PMD experience like no other and if it wasn't for the game's slow start before you can actually do missions on a wider scale, along with minor gripes like the inability to nickname Pokemon, I feel others would be able to get into it easier too. Considering the sense of finality in the story, alongside interviews where the staff mentioned they made PSMD with a sense of finality and used up all their available ideas for the entry, I honestly believe SMD was intentionally made to be the final entry in that series, and I'm fine with that.


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