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But the thing is Super never gave character development to anyone except the partner. There are also new continents that have zero history. You couldn't also revisit old locales outside a few dungeons (Zero Isle from Explorers and Destiny Tower from Explorers). Pokemon from older games also don't speak much about their histories so that if Super was your first PMD game, then you have no idea who those characters are. Super just overall felt unfinished.

It was playable, yes, but unsatisfying in lore and character development. They could easily make a new PMD set in the Sand Continent to fix the problems from Super. Call it PSMD: Pokemon Switch Mystery Dungeon (for Nintendo Switch, duh) and the new gameplay mechanic is the Mystery Dungeons change in real time instead of just when you revisit dungeons. For the post-game, they can open up the other continents to let players revisit old locales from all old PMD games to learn the histories of the locations and the Pokemon involved there. That would settle the problem of limited post-games from the 3DS era.

It's not that I think Spike Chunsoft developed Super as a grand finale. I think instead the 3dS PMDs underperformed compared to Explorers of Sky and The Pokemon Company or Spike Chunsoft pulled the plug on the series. =/


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