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I’ve always said that third parties are incredibly important for The health of any platform, and always dared Nintendo fans who don’t play them to step outside their comfort zone. Go play something like Doom, Witcher 3, Ys 8, LA Noire, Dragon’s Dogma or NBA! There’s 3,000 games for it now!

The success of buying third party games allow devs to consider Switch as a platform in the future, and even could release a version day one like MK9. That in turn gets people interested and gets them buying the console for that game. I saw a tweet of a WWE performer saying he bought a Switch so he could play Witcher on the road. There’s thousands of those kind of “got me interested” stories that we wouldn’t hear at a site like this.

I did that during the GameCube era when Nintendo was putting out too little and stuff I wasn’t super interested in (and Rare was now gone who filled some gaps for me), and it got me into series like Metal Gear, Tales of, Resident Evil, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell and more.


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