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The Wii has Maddens, Call of Duty’s, Guitar Hero’s, Sonics, Legos, Carnival Games, Just Dances and more that each had multiple installments sell millions of units on it on top of NBA 2Ks, WWEs, FIFAs, Rock Bands, and plethoras of popular licensed games (Frozen, Wipe Out) that sold hundreds of thousands per release. Hell, NHL 2K held out and made their last installment a Wii exclusive since the prior year sold better on Wii than PS3 and 360.

DS had over 2000 games, and even though people posting here wasn’t buying it over Hannah Montana, people elsewhere did, enough to break well over a million. Hell, that’s about what Paper Mario TTYD sold over here if you wanna compare. Plus many of the Wii games I mentioned above had DS counterparts plus games like Cooking Mama and the Final Fantasy 3 remake which did very well (as did Squares other remakes). Plus early on before the DS Lite, third parties were filling that early life like Phoenix Wright, Castlevania and Trauma Center.

Again people who post on game sites like this won’t be interested in some of these games, but it spurred people to invest in Nintendo hardware a decade ago to experience them or bought it to supplement their current system’s library. To say they had no support is ridiculous and was only looking at one side of the coin because it wasn’t getting Borderlands or Bioshock.


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